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Why is it necessary to choose the services of a licensed Insurance Broker instead of directly taking out insurance in any of the insurance companies?Answer

Are the General Conditions of every policy important?Answer

In what cases can a “Bilateral Statement of ascertainment” be filled in?Answer

How to act if a road accident occurs?Answer

What are the ways of indemnification for partial damages to a motor vehicle?Answer

What is the difference between “COMPREHENSIVE LIABILITY” and “THIRD PARTY LIABILITY” insurances?Answer

What are the terms for registering damages under “COMPREHENSIVE LIABILITY” insurance?Answer

When does the insurance contract come into force?Answer

Which insurance companies have Mobile Groups and in which cases is it necessary to call them?Answer

Why is it important to notify the Insurer when there is a change in the data of the insured object?Answer

What does Road Assistance cover and in which cases?Answer

Is it necessary for us to take out a medical insurance for traveling abroad in case we have a health card?Answer

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