“VIGOROUS” EOOD was founded in 2006 with Insurance intermediation as its main business activity. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with long-standing experience. We have 20 years of experience in the field of professional Insurance intermediation!

Our style of doing business is based on working exceptionally honestly and openly with our clients and partners.  Under the conditions of an intensive and dynamic market we have developed a successful strategy including models of managerial solutions consistent with the specific requirements of each of our clients. At our disposal we have our own information system for managing a data base, which allows us to take care of all concomitant information during the process of validity of every insurance document, as well as to remind our clients in due time about pending maturities of their due payments.

The process of our service includes a genuine and competent commitment related to the presentation, consultation, informing, performance and the overall successful conclusion of the undertaken commitments and responsibilities of our company in the whole spectrum and stages of insurance intermediation. We always provide our clients with the adequate professional advice and guidance which help and facilitate them in their choice to take out the most appropriate insurance. It is our goal to protect our clients’ interests to the highest degree by studying and analyzing the insurance market as well as consulting them in due course about the best insurance solutions for their business. Our insurance consultants are always at our clients’ disposal, providing them with individual solutions and developing specialized insurance products for their individual needs. The performance of our activity is facilitated by excellent administration, fast and flexible service in all aspects of the insurance business.

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