DEAR LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, USERS OF INSURANCE SERVICES, for the sake of your convenience and in compliance with the requirements of art.325 of the Insurance Code, we provide you with the following information about us:

 Insurance Agent “Vigorous” EOOD was registered in the Commercial Register at the Registry Agency in 2006 under UIC 175132629. The seat and registered address of the company is: Sofia, 26 Elemag Str, entr.A, floor 3, flat 7 and Offices: A/Sofia, 39A N.Gabrovski Str., entr.B, floor 1, flat 1; B/ Kazichene village, Sofia district, 39 Tzar Boris III Str, ground floor.

The company is managed and represented by its general manager – Yordan Iliev Yordanov.

The company is registered in the Insurance Agents Register at the Financial Supervision Commission on the grounds of art.30, para.1, item 11 of the Financial Supervision Commission Act, with Resolution № 810–ЗБ/08.10.2009 and Certificate 194-ЗБ/ 10.11.2009. The above circumstance can be checked at the Financial Supervision Commission: 1000 Sofia, 16 Budapest Str, central number: 02 94 04 999, fax: 02 829 43 24, e-mail: bg_fsc@fsc.bg or at its website: www.fsc.bg.

In compliance with the requirements of the Insurance Code we would like to inform you about the following circumstances:

  1. Insurance Agent “Vigorous” EOOD is not in possession either directly or through related parties of more than 10 per cent of the votes in the general meeting or the capital of an insurer. An Insurer or a company possessing an insurer are not in possession of more than 10 per cent of the votes in the general meeting or shares of the capital of Insurance Agent “Vigorous” EOOD.
  2. Insurance Agent “Vigorous” EOOD is not committed to performing insurance intermediation exclusively for one or more Insurers, but it can negotiate without restraint, in its capacity of representative of the user of insurance services, for all types of compulsory and voluntary insurances with Insurers who have acquired a licence to perform their activity on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The Insurers for whom we do insurance intermediation are given in the Agent’s website.
  3. As an Insurance Agent, “Vigorous” EOOD does not provide advice (personal recommendations) to the users in conjunction with the conclusion of insurance contracts but provides the users with objective information which will be of assistance while making an informed decision about the choice of insurance.
  4. Insurance Agent “Vigorous” EOOD determines the requirements and needs of the user of insurance services on the basis of the information the latter has submitted in written form.
  5. In case the user expressly asks “Vigorous” EOOD to prepare advice on the basis of a just and personalised analysis and to make a professional recommendation regarding the insurance which will be most appropriate for the specific needs of the user, such a recommendation shall be prepared on the grounds of a just analysis of a sufficient number of insurances.
  6. Insurance Agent “Vigorous” EOOD receives remuneration in the form of commission payable by the respective Insurer.

In the capacity of users of insurance services you have the right to submit an appeal:

а/    To Insurance Agent “Vigorous” EOOD as follows:

– on paper :  Sofia, 39A N.Gabrovski Str., entr.B, floor 1

– by electronic means via email address : vigorous.ins@gmail.com

You will receive a reply to the appeal within a 10 (ten)-day period after it has been submitted at an address provided by you.

b/ To the Deputy chairperson of the Financial Supervision Commission who is head of “Insurance supervision” Directorate.

c/  To the Sector Conciliation Commission for reviewing disputes in the field of insurance and insurance intermediation (SCC) including when financial services are provided off-premises in these sectors, at the following address: Sofia 1000, Head Office of Customer Protection Commission, 4A Slaveykov Square, tel. 02/9330 588, internet website www.kzp.bg; e-mail adr.ins@kzp.bg.

Proceedings at CPC are free of charge for the parties and are held in absentia. The written conciliatory proposal by CPC to resolve the dispute has no obligatory nature but has to be approved by the parties in order for the agreement between the parties to come into force.

II. “VIGOROUS“ EOOD Insurance Broker proudly offers the following services:

– Risk analysis

– After careful specification of the precontractual information, recognizing the insurance interest of the Client and providing the conditions, as well as the important details from the General conditions in insurance contracts

– Negotiating the best possible conditions for the client and after the subsequent preparation of the necessary documentation – issuing insurance policies

– Assistance for the insured person in case of an insurance event occurrence and professional help in making the claims and receiving the due indemnifications

– Reminding our clients in due time about pending maturities of their due payments as well as about expiring policies

– Consultations when an insurance event occurs as well as making claims on the spot, at a time convenient for the client

– Specialised legal assistance and consultations by the best lawyers working in the field of insurance

– Flexible working hours – at the client’s disposal at the most convenient of times

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